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The Forum
  • Provide a professional and non-political platform to business community
  • Organizing the business community in corresponding districts
  • Analyze problems being faced by the business community and advocate practical solutions
  • Provide district-wise coherent plans for giving a meaningful direction to the vibrant community in the Punjab
    with a focus to generate economies of scale, activity, employment, taxes, productivity, exports resulting
    in a momentum in right direction
  • Provide professional suggestions to the government(s) for budget making
  • Act as a watchdog for implementation of government policies
  • Act as a bridge between government(s) and business community
  • Identify sectors with potential to grow
  • Provide networking ability amongst businesses within their respective districts and with national
    and international businesses and forums
  • Identify and groom talented leadership to contribute towards the development of their district and
    the country as a whole
  • Act as an advocacy group for communicating with the businessmen of the district

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